Beautiful days in Golden, British Columbia right now with fresh snow daily and much more in the forecast!!  Are you looking for your next adventure?  This is the time!!  We have seen nothing but big smiles and snowy goggles on our trips, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change for awhile.  Awesome fleet of snowmobiles this year with Polaris Axys 155″ and 163″, Skidoo 850 154″ and 165″, and Arctic cat 153″ and 162″ beasts!  Unstoppable and easy to handle machines that travel through the backcountry with ease.  It’s incredible what technology and done to this industry making it easier then ever to explore and negotiate the ones thought unreachable terrain.

Let us show you around the beautiful backcountry we call our back yard!!

January 25, 2018 READ MORE READ LESS

Don’t put your sleds away yet!  We have some of the best riding conditions of the season right now.  The days are long and the powder is DEEP!!  Add on to the the GT snowrace in Quartz Creek tomorrow (Sat April 15th) and the good times are plentiful.

Put those golf clubs away for a few more weeks and keep on sledding


April 14, 2017 READ MORE READ LESS

Do you like fresh pow?  It’s that time of year here at GSR in Golden British Columbia!!  It has been pouring rain here in town which means that it’s snowing HARD up in the mountains!  Isn’t elevation a wonderful thing?  We LOVE this time of year!!  Longer days, more sun, and snow snow snow snow snow!!
If you have been thinking of visiting and for some reason think winter is over you should throw that notion out the window and come play with us!  Driving conditions are generally better this time of year with the warmer temperatures down in the valley too!
Hope to see you soon!  We will be out making sure the snow is good!! ha!

PS our 2018 Arctic Cat just showed up so we can try that out, and I hear a few 2018 Polaris Axys machines and even a Yamaha Sidewinder might be here soon too!! Braap Braaap!!

March 14, 2017 READ MORE READ LESS

update from Sled Golden …

Snowmobiling conditions in Golden BC are epic right now! A significant storm on Feb. 8, started dumping on us and it continues to drop amazing, cold-smoke powder from the sky. This storm is set to taper off on Friday Feb 10, and then once again, the skies will clear and the sun will come out. Temps later in the week are forecast to spike, so if you want to get it good, you should come right away.



February 10, 2017 READ MORE READ LESS

Geepers Creepers it’s been COLD out here the past few weeks!!  We’ve had temperatures we haven’t seen for years, but not to worry it’s all over!  Tomorrow the temps go from -25 to a pleasant -8 and sunny!  Forecast shows 50+cms of snow for early week and we are back on track slaying pow and having good times!
We have some very busy days ahead so if you are looking to book try and call as soon as you can!
If you are new to our area book a guide for a day to show you the lay of the land!  It is never a bad idea to get some educated local knowledge!
Bring on the snow!

January 13, 2017 READ MORE READ LESS

…(from GSC updates)

Snowmobiling in Golden over the holidays has been amazing. We’ve had 48 cm of recorded snowfall in the Dogtooth Range in the past week and there’s another 25 cm in the forecast. It also looks like the sun might come out in the next few days, which means that if you can get to Golden, BC to snowmobile, you should. Seize the days because now is the time to get it good!

December 29, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

What an amazing season we have had here at GSR!!  The snow has been great, the rental program was very busy and the tour program was as fun as ever.  I’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us this winter and went out into the backcountry to enjoy the fresh snow and amazing scenery.
Check out this photo!  It’s spring and the creeks are opening up… haha it’s amazing how magnetic water can be… hehe!

GSR’s last day of operation for 2015/16 season is April 3rd.  Why so early?  Time to finally get surgery on a warn out shoulder.  Machines are easy to service, but bodies take a little longer.  Should be nice and strong by next season!

March 25, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

Well winter isn’t over yet!  Amazing snow conditions out here in Golden right now with elevation on our side.  Temperatures are above ‘0’ here in the valley, but hanging in there above 6000′ (1800m).  Over 20cm of fresh today to play in with snow density much lighter then expected!  Such a fun time of year and historically our biggest snow month of the year.
Come on out and visit and get it in while you can!  Only a month to go!

March 08, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

What an amazing winter it has been here in Golden!  Check out this video we were a part of a few weeks back!


I hope that works!!!


February 22, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

Well the days are getting longer and now is the perfect time to enjoy the great snow conditions we have.  Check out our facebook page to see videos of the last few days of fun!  Winter is still in the mountains.

February 20, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

Looking like a snowy weekend coming up with a whole BUNCH of snow in the forecast!!  Get it while it’s fresh!  BC Family Day this weekend and should prove to be a busy one!
Keep an eye on the forecast for the next 7 days as some crazy temperatures are rolling through next week!

February 04, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

The forecast is looking pretty snowy for the next week or so!  With daily temperature highs hovering around 0 degrees celsius here in the town of Golden, it means at elevation we should be getting nothing but cold blower pow!  Over the next few days we are expected to get another bunch of precipitation so fingers crossed everyone for some deep white stuff.
If you haven’t been out yet this winter make some plans!  It has been a super fun one so far!!

January 25, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

We have had amazing days over the past few weeks with sunny skies and beautiful views, but it’s time winter came back and showed us whats up!  SNOW!!

Lots of snow in the forecast for the end of this week and we are all very excited to see it!  GSR has a very busy February coming up so keep all of your fingers and toes crossed for lots of snow and lots of smiles!

January 19, 2016 READ MORE READ LESS

What an amazing holiday season it has been so far with a few days left to go!  I high pressure system has rolled in and the sun has shown it’s face!  We have been very busy with rentals and Westbench Trail tours lately with a few Mountain Tours  just around the corner.  This Holiday Season has been filled with great guests and renters who have made it run so smoothly!  Today was one of those days Post Card photographers dream of!  Nothing but smiles and high fives just the way we like it!

December 27, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

What an amazing start to the season!  Snow storm after snow storm we have been getting very lucky so far!  Here is a photo of our new first aid cache in Quartz Creek!  No more carrying gear in from the trucks!  Guide life is getting easier these days!  Thanks for the help everyone setting everything up today!
We are booking up fast for the Holiday season, if you are thinking of joining us then please book quick!
We will see you all soon!

December 11, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

We are a full go here at GSR!  The 2015/16 season has officially begun!  With over a meter of snow in the past week, our snowpack is now over 1.5 meters in the Quartz area and I hear even deeper in Silent pass.  We have started rentals, guiding and of course providing you with some of the best brands in the business.  Our 2016 Arctic Cats and Skidoo mountain machines are ready to go.
See you soon!!

November 17, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

It happened!  We went out and played in the mountain for the first time on November 3rd!!  And what a great time we had!

It’s still early and we are not opporational as of yet, but we do some recon missions early season to get a feel for what winter is going to bring us!  So far it looks like a pretty solid base with cooler temperatures on the way and of course more of that white stuff!

We always do our best to keep you updated as the winter goes on with photos and updates right here in our “news” link.

BRAAAP!  Winter is here!

November 05, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

It has been question of the week here at GSR with the phones ringing with early season bookings underway.  I wish I could tell tales of deep high elevation snow, but it would not be true as of today… that being said I sure do see snow in the forecast!!

We have had multiple dustings up high already, but it has yet to stick around.  Sounds frustrating, but it’s for the better!  To develop a strong winter snow pack we need colder temperatures before the blanket of insulation lands.

Fingers crossed for a great early season with a strong snow pack!!


October 22, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

We know it’s the middle of summer, but the air is getting cooler and days are shorter and the good old Farmer’s Almanac has just been released!  Interested in what it says?  We sure were!!  It says snow and LOTS of it!!

Over the last few hundred years they claim they are over 80% correct so I’m going with SNOW!!
Our sleds starting showing up a few weeks ago and its almost time to start building them up!  We will have a few 2016 Arctic Cats, Skidoos, Yamaha, and we are trying hard right now to close a Polaris or two.  We love having selection and try and make you’re trip exactly like your powdery dreams!
Only 14 more Fridays to go!!  BRAAAP!


August 27, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

It is official we are now closed for the season!  What a great season we had despite the interesting snow year!  The jet stream didn’t play nice with us this year and seemed to pull every system away from British Columbia (and pushed it towards the east coast… ;)!  We still made the best of it and had so many great tour days!
BIG Thank You goes out to everyone who made us part of their vacation this year!  We appreciate your business and hope you all come back again in the future!
Have a great summer!!

April 19, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

Well winter is back here in Golden and it came with fresh snow and sun!!  Sound too good to be true?  Well it’s not right now!  We almost forgot what it was like to ride in deep snow… it’s been that kind of winter, but small things put smiles back on all of our faces!
If you love the mountains then spring is the time to come and visit!  Fresh snow, longer days, and some of the most spectacular views you can imagine!!
We love spring riding here at GSR and take you out to see it is what we are known for!

March 16, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

What an awesome week it has been.  We’ve had lots of groups this week out enjoying the spring like snow, but remember it is only February!!  March is a huge snow month historically for us so keep your fingers crossed!
Having so much fun right now!  Check out the photos!!

February 23, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

What a crazy week it has been here in Golden!  With well over three feet of fresh snow we had conditions many only dream about!  Snow blowing over the handlebars, and filling up your helmet…
Then temperatures began to rise making the snow fall from the trees and the snow falling turn to rain.  We got away pretty lucky really with elevation on our side.  It did however rain as high as our Quartz Creek Club Cabin.  This put a serious hurting on our groomed trails, but hey, it saved our winter but not raining any higher.
Just yesterday the sun finally showed its face after hiding for over a week.  Beautiful mountain views and even a little fresh snow on top to soften the ride.
Going to be an interesting next week or so here in Golden with temperatures dropping well below 0 during the days and upwards to 5 degrees celsius during the days.  Winter is far from over so lets see what mother nature has up her sleeve!

February 16, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

What a colourful winter we have had!  From -30 degrees to +7 last week and of course everything in between.  We had a melting trend for a few days last week warming up the snow pack and causing a not so friendly avalanche cycle.  It sounds all bad, but cycles are a good thing as long as you are not in the mountains when they are doing their thing.  Our tours were low elevation tours last week with avalanche bulletins reading High, High, High…  It has since settled out and the snow pack is freezing over night once again.
Snow has frozen solid below 6500′, but above that has areas that kept the snow lighter.
We are very excited to see this system rolling in on the weekend!  The first of next week should be awesome!
Braaap Braaap!  Remember it’s only January!!  There is almost four months of winter left here in the mountains!!


January 29, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

The snow continues to fall making winter better day by day!  We have had a snowy week here in Golden with sun in the forecast for the next few days!  Looks like a we may receive another dump this weekend before the temperatures change…
Some busy weeks coming up here at GSR so if you are planning a trip, hit the online booking page to secure your machines!  If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to give us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out over the phone.
Winter is just starting to get gooooood!  We love seeing the snow stack up!
BRAAAP!!  See you in the mountains!

January 21, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

It has been an amazing week here at GSR with a private/corporate tours, group tours, snow bike rentals and even a private riding clinic things have been busy to say the least!  We would like to thank each and every one of you who have joined us and we look forward to riding with you again soon!  The past few days have been beautiful and sunny, but things are changing!  With a fairly large system rolling in from the North West we should see some serious white stuff!  If you are visiting this weekend be aware the roads are gonna be dicey and the avalanche ratings will rise.  That being said it’s gonna be DEEEP!!
If you’re a powder hound get your butt out there and have some fun!

January 14, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

Well I suppose the Holiday Season is officially over…  We sure did have a great time with all of our guests and thank you all so much for the business and support, we truly appreciate it!
What next you might ask?
Well it looks like 20cms tonight and 10 more tomorrow!  So I’d say some sweet ‘stucks’ are what’s next!!
The snowbikes were out like crazy over the Holiday Season as well with AWESOME feedback!  People were STOKED!
Times are changing and there is a new kid on the block that is legit.  Snowbikes are building momentum simple as that.
GSR has been very busy and we know we had to turn a few groups away over the past two weeks.  I hope we can get you guys out again in the New Year.
Thanks again everyone!  Busiest Holiday Season yet!  Braaap!

January 04, 2015 READ MORE READ LESS

It has been very busy here at GSR this Holiday season with fresh snow and sunny days!!  Quartz has been getting HEAVY traffic with over 200 people running through the gates on a regular basis.  Does this mean Golden is hammered?  Word on the street is that Gorman has been amazing and Silent has tones of tree riding left to be had!  Be careful on the Silent Pass road however, as it has been slippery.  There have been at least three vehicle incidents that we know of because of slippery road conditions.  Take it easy drive slow and leave happy!
Big thank you to all who have joined us this Holiday Season!!

December 30, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

It sure did!  Like cats and dogs in town, but the mountains got SNOW SNOW SNOW!!
Over 35cm of fresh in Quartz Creek in some tucked away places that we happened to find today!
What a day!
Snow coming over the hoods, big smiles under the helmets, and plenty of sweat…
It was WARM today at just below freezing above 6000′.  We got really lucky it was very close to rain to the top!
Another avalanche cycle came and went with the warm temperatures, but we are all for the better!
Pretty excited to see what’s next!
A few days of sunny skies and then right back at er’!
Winter is BACK!!

December 12, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

Amazing conditions for November here in Golden!

With many of the other destiniations receiving rain to the top we got snow and LOTS of it!
Quartz Creek received over a meter of fresh over a three day storm!
That brought us from below average snow depths to well above!

Nothing but deep pow, smiles and lots of sweat… we had a few stucks out there, but all in good fun!
Make sure to keep those pants done up tight to the boots on days like today!
Nobody like snow in the boots! hehe 🙂

Winter is on with several tours already under our belts and many coming up in the next few weeks!  If you are interested in trying snowmobiling it is go time here and we are happy to take you out and show you how special Golden, BC is!


November 30, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

Well we did it! We had our first ride of the season in Quartz Creek, Golden British Columbia! It started off a little thin on the road ride up, but it wasn’t long before getting to the good stuff! With 60cm at the cabin conditions were marginal, but 500m up from the cabin it was smooth sailing! I wouldn’t say things are “GOOD TO GO”, but we went for a ride and had a blast.

So excited to get the sleds under my feet and feel the unreal power they have! This is our true passion and we love sharing it with everyone!!

See you all soon enough!

Next big system that rolls through should be the true start to the season!

Braaap Braaap!! 🙂

November 11, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

As the temperature continues to drop, here in Golden we have the advantage of looking up to the mountains to see how our winter is shaping up long before the snow hits us here in town. As the temperatures near 0 degrees celsius here in town at night, 6000′ above us it is around 6 or so degrees colder. Needless to say it is snowing up there and we can see it when the clouds clear. As the weeks go on and the temps drop, so does the snow line respectively.

This is a very exciting time of year! When the snow line reaches lower mountain it’s GAME ON!!

I will post a video and pictures on our first adventure!! BRAAAP

bigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gif So close now!! bigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gifbigsmile.gif

October 31, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

Nothing like seeing the first few dustings of snow on the peaks to get the throttle thumb revved up!! With four new 2015 Arctic Cat machines, two 2015 Skidoos and of course our Yamaha’s, our fleet is looking VERY impressive again this year! We love giving you guys the best of the best, and know you will always be pumped on our equipment!

We look forward to seeing you all soon enough! Only a few months left until season begins so make plans and book with our online booking system for special multi day rates!

We had great success with our online booking system last year and have had great feed back to make it even stronger! Smooth sailing is the name of the game… or should I say smooth riding!

Like always if there are any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call! No question is too crazy! (well almost)

Enjoy the rest of your summer / fall and we’ll see you soon!

September 29, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

What an awesome late winter we are having, but there are only a few weeks left of our rental / tour season. If you have been interested in making it out to visit us make sure you book it asap! Spring is an awesome time of year to visit with easy traveling, amazing views, and awesome temperatures that hover around the 0 to minus 5 degrees range!!

The trails are still being groomed for another week or two so the going is goooood!

Braap braaaaap!!

April 07, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

And as it continues to grow we have been having some of the best tree riding conditions of the year! Spring is a time to be aware of avalanche conditions and how they change throughout the course of the day…

With warming temperatures and solar radiation complicating your route planning decisions, it’s not a bad time of year to start thinking “is it worth it?” and “can we make it back before the conditions change?”

Be aware of what aspects you are riding on, and be aware that sun changes stability quickly!

Be safe and have a ton of fun!!


😀 😀 😀

March 30, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

Spring is full of surprises, and 2014 is no exception! With 20cms of fresh in Quartz Creek we had a perfect day!! I love that kind of surprise! The forecast shows another 20cms over the week this week so next weekend should be shaping up nicely! There is really only a few weeks to go of core season so be sure to book in asap if you are looking to get out that “one last time”!!
BRAAAP! 😀 😀 😀

March 23, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

Wow…. rode 30cm+ end of last week, and complete fresh snow again today… what more can you ask for? Well we had sun both days!!!! It might have been a bit of a stuck fest here and there today, but nothing we couldn’t laugh off! Amazing snow conditions, amazing snow machines, amazing friends, guests, and SUN!!
Love snow!

😀 😀 😀

March 18, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

Nothing to complain about was comment of the day today with a few stuck sleds no one was complaining! It was deep and that just happens sometimes when the snow is that good! The sun was shinning brightly ALL day!! Due to solar heating we had to return from the alpine to the lower slope angle trees in the afternoon where we found even deeper snow…
Smiles all around today!
Brapp Braaaap!!
Thanks guys!

March 12, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

With over 50cm of fresh and still snowing hard we have had an amazing late winter!! Looks like spring is full of deep snow and sunny days! We are experiencing warm temperatures here in Golden right now especially at valley bottom however it seems to be hanging in there up high! Looks like temperatures are dropping back down by mid week and we’ll return to winter for just a little longer! If you haven’t made it out to Golden this year, it is definitely the time to do it!
Braaaap! I’ll be on snow! Will you?

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

March 09, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

What a beautiful week we are having here in the mountains! Almost looks like spring is in the forecast for next week with mild temperatures and sunny skies! We’ve had almost a meter of snow recorded in the past week so conditions are almost perfect! Of course with this much new snow comes increased avalanche hazards, so if you are new to the mountains look into hiring a GSR guide!

We have some great personalities with many years of experience in our tenured terrain.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Fresh snow and sun…

February 22, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

It takes a monster to push a high pressure like that out of the valley and a monster is just what we have on our hands! With over 60+cms of snow in the forecast for the next several days things are going to get flipped upside down! And since things were already upside down with a lingering inversion, we just might get our winter back!!

If you can’t tell by my rambling I’m PUMPED!! YEEHAAAAA!

Bring on the white stuff! I’m looking out my office window and it’s PUKING!


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

February 10, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

It feels like spring here in Western Canada, but winter is just around the corner again! Snow in the forecast and cooler temps will get us out of this unseasonal weather.

On the flip side we have had some amazing, very low avalanche hazard conditions resulting in terrain travel deep into our tenure.

The views have been spectacular and the trails are all buttery smooth!

Beauty days!

😀 😀

January 28, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

We have had snow recently and now sunny skies!! What more can you ask for? We’ve been having a blast lately with good stability for the first time this winter! Good traction but not too firm, good visibility, but not too warm, amazing snowmobiles… did I mention amazing snowmobiles?? We have been riding 2014 Arctic Cat M8000s, 2014 Skidoo XM 800s, and even some Yamaha Nytros if you want to try a fourstroke!

Looks like sun for the next few days and then back to the dark snowy days! Some might think that sounds grim, however we are always pumped to see fresh snow and give us a good old fashion “reset”!!


January 24, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

With 50cm + of fresh snow of the past few days it is really starting to shape up around here!! We had a slow start to the season, but it is coming on strong lately so it is hard to complain! We’ve had awesome groups of visitors come out with us, which makes our jobs even better!
Thank you to all who have ridden with us lately both tour and rentals! It has been an awesome season so far and we are pumped on our machines!! 2014 Arctic Cat M8000s, Skidoo XM800s and even a few YAMAHA Nytros 1049cc’s as well! What a year!

January 15, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

What a way to end the Holiday Season with 40cm of fresh snow and beautiful sunny days!! We’ve had a very eventful holiday season with so many amazing groups of new and experienced riders from all over the world. It has been the season of guides with the avalanche hazard being high so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our lead guides who help make this all possible! Thanks Jon and Ryan!! You guys are amazing!

With some big groups coming up we are excited to show you guys the goods and make your trip a memorable one!

The sun was short lived with a BUNCH of snow in the forecast!!!!

Thanks everyone who made this our best Holiday Season yet!!


🙂 🙂 🙂

January 05, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

Hey guys and gals!

It as been a very busy Holiday Season here at GSR and I’d like to thank everyone who has joined us in making this the smoothest one yet!! Record numbers of visitors here in Golden prove the snowmobile industry is alive, well and growing! This can only mean bigger and better things for snowmobiling in our area in the future.

Happy New Years and we look forward to serving all of you again in 2014!!

Thanks again
Aaron and Kim


January 01, 2014 READ MORE READ LESS

It has been a slow start to the season, but the past few weeks have really turned things around! We have a solid base now with a nice fresh blanket of fresh on top and more snow in the forecast. Temperatures are hovering around -3 for highs the next 3 or 4 days! If we can’t have sun we just might as well have snow!!!!

Keep those fingers cross for some big dumps of snow and we’ll be shredding pow into the New Year!

Happy Holidays everyone!

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and playful holiday season.


December 23, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Finally the cold snap got pushed out! It’s snowing out there now and looks like it will continue for the next week or so. No big systems in the forecast however it will snow drips and drabs all week! Should be pretty good by the weeks end!


😀 😀 😀

December 09, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

What an awesome weekend we just had with the Swiss Olympic Skier Cross Team! These guys did awesome and tested out our brand new 2014 Arctic Cat M8000 machines. Talk about breaking them in! Well done guys!

With some late afternoon sun in Quartz Creek we all got to enjoy some fresh snow and favourable early season conditions. Big group of 12 guys and gals there was no shortage of entertainment.

Great day guys/gals!

Look forward to seeing you again next year!

Good luck at your World Cup races at Nakiska Mountain Resort!!


😀 😀 😀

December 03, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

With awesome early season conditions we have once again been blessed by the snow gods! We have over a meter of snow in the alpine, which is by no means mid season bragging rights, but considering it’s November we are doing just nicely!

Our 2013 M8s will be on snow this weekend and our 2014s will be on snow probably the next system that rolls through.

So pumped on this season all ready!! Gaaaaame on!


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

November 20, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

It is so close to pulling the “GAME ON” trigger out there and that means we will be renting sleds maybe as early as next weekend November 22nd!!

We will be a week later then last season, but the wait could be worth it’s weight in gold… snowy white gold! We have begun renting avalanche safety gear, and GoPro cameras and anything else we have other then sleds this week.

Oh guys!! It’s so close we can taste it!!

Makes me giggle!

😀 😀

November 15, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

We went for our first ride Monday November 4th to rekon what has been going on up there. We were pleasantly surprised that down low we had a great snow pack developing! Up high was a little different… it was much thinner then down low with some heavy wind effect and inversion like conditions.

We had to leave the sleds down low and use touring skis to go up and explore. The higher we went the snowpack got thinner so we had to make a decision to keep going or turn around. We couldn’t resist so we lugged on to the ridge aka “poo stain”… haha, wish it was called something different.

We did one snowboard run for fun and returned back to the Quartz Cabin where the snow was MUCH better. The ride in and ride out were the highlights of the day with snow blowing over the hood in your face!! First face shots of the year!!!!!

Keep you all posted.

If you are new to GSR’s site you can now book here on-line! Don’t you love technology!!

Thanks guys!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

November 06, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

The mountains have had snow for quite some time now with over 3 feet recorded in the alpine however we have not had snow reach valley bottom… until last night. The beautiful white stuff has finally come to visit us here in Golden, British Columbia.

We can’t even begin to explain how excited we are! We played on side by sides this morning in the snow and soon enough we’ll be thumbing that throttle!!

BRAAAP! Getting close now!!

😀 :O 😀

October 27, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

This has been a great fall with more then normal early season bookings! I’d like to thank all of you who have booked early this year to ensure your dates and machine availability. I get asked on a regular basis how far in advance you need to book. I always say as soon as you know your vacation dates! We can have anywhere from 8 to 14 machines depending on the time of year and peak seasons. Some dates book faster then others but as a general rule we are booked solid most weekends from mid December to the end of April. Mid week is generally more last minute, but as always I encourage our guests to book as soon as they can.

Again thank you to everyone who has booked early and bring on the snow!!


😀 😀 😀

October 10, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

With new sleds being assembled, and more still to arrive our fleet is shaping up! We’ve held on to a few our our 2013 M8s to offer a economy rental for those looking to get out on an amazing machine and save a few dollars for post rental activities…

This is our favourite time of year with lots of fresh goodies coming in and of course hearing from so many of our past guests.

We have already started taking bookings for the Christmas Holiday Season, so if you are looking for machines please book as soon as possible!

See you all soon!!


October 08, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

We have some really cool things going on for 2013/14 with new relationships forming with other OEM’s (secrets!!), our M8000s have already arrived, we’ll have Yamaha Vipers (mountain modified), and a few other cool products to play with!

We have also been working on a new “online booking system”, to help make it easier and more convenient for everyone to book and get information about the opportunities at GSR.

And last, but not least we have been putting together a video production option for our GSR guests. This will be a great option for those looking for a way to remember their trip for many years to come! With this type of tour we will also be offering a photographer as an option.

Many new things for this upcoming season!!

Stay tuned!


We will continue to rent safety equipment however we will not be renting sleds anymore. What a great season we had. Not as deep as last year, but we had our fair share of pow days and lots of sunny days in February for some spectacular scenic snowmobile riding. Thank you to everyone who came out with us over the past six months!

Thanks again! See you next season with fresh new sleds, and fresh new snow!!


April 15, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

It’s been snowing hard up there the past few days! Over a foot of fresh to play with, but the snow line is rising steadily! If you are planning on coming out, now is the time. It might not be hanging on for much longer!

For all of you who have decided to shut it down for the year have a great summer and we’ll see you all again in the fall! Game on boys and girls!

Welcome the sun!


P.S. we have Spring Checked some 2014 M8000 SnoPros and STD!! Keeping it FRESH!

We’ll also have 2014 YAMAHA Vipers long tracked and Skidoo has been knocking on our door as well to get back on the program… we’ll see!!

Game on winter 2013/14! Here we come!

April 08, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Now is the time to rent snowmobiles with great spring deals and lots of sun! The trails are still being groomed, making access quick and easy. If you haven’t tried snowmobiling before, or are just interested in sun tanning at 8000′ via your own personal gondola, now is the time!

Get a few friends together and make it happen!

We’ll do our best to help everyone get out there!

April 02, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

We are still snowmobiling here in Golden, British Columbia with great terrain traveling snow and sunning skies! This time of year makes for some of the most spectacular views with clean skies and snowy peaks! We loving taking guests for scenic rides, and there is no better way then by snowmobile. A view with your own private gondola!

April 02, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

It has snowed another 40cm up high in the past few days!! A little wet down in the parking lots, but deep deep deep up high. Snow line isn’t quite up to cabin level yet in Quartz so the pow keeps accumulating.

If you want to see some deep snow, get your butts out to Golden ASAP! Come shred the 2013 M8s!

March 15, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Some of the best conditions of the year this week with over 80cm’s of fresh snow, smooth trails and awesome guests. This was a very busy week filled with adventure! We had some awesome stucks, creative superman riding… and even some impressive dismounts!

Having an extra cushy landing always helps with confidence…

Got to ride some trees I haven’t ridden since December this week care free, and on the pin. Now that makes for some sweet riding. Showing some boys “ski” lines in the trees on a sled is what it’s all about for me! Spreading the snow machine bug to new people makes my job the best on the planet!

Big Thank You goes out to the groups we rode with this week.

Til next time!

Check out the Golden Snowmobile Rentals facebook page for photos and updates from our daily activities!

March 08, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Happy days ahead with snow in the air and more in the forecast! It’s been a crazy few weeks for rentals and tours and by the look of the schedule it will continue for a least another month or so! If you haven’t booked your spring trip, get on it! haha

Spring is an awesome time to sled here in Golden! When your buddies are dusting off their golf clubs and bikes, you can be shredding deep high elevation pow and enjoying the spring sun and longer days!

Spring is my favourite time of year to sled, it could be yours too!

See you soon!

February 24, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Well the high pressures continue here in Golden with beautiful afternoons at high elevation with the sun burning the clouds off! Looks like a minor low pressure will be here Wednesday and Thursday, then getting pushed out for the weekend.

Looking forward to seeing so many of our Alberta friends here this weekend with their families and friends! Lets hope for a solid amount of snow the next few days to make the weekend a soft one! haha


February 12, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

We’ve been receiving “dribs and drabs” the last few days and looks like it will continue to come over the next few days, breaking on Saturday with some blue sky. Looking forward to seeing the sun around Golden!! It has been awhile! We have had many days on snow in the past few weeks guiding all over our tenure with solid avalanche conditions. As the weekend approaches we are faced with a full plate of rentals and tours! We look forward to meeting all of you and want you all to play safe and have tons and tons of FUN!! Braaap!

January 30, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

We have 15-20cm coming in tonight up high with more snow to come every day for the next 5 days or so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the big one!

Who wants to come slay some pow?

I know I do!!

January 23, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Awesome with great snow conditions and good weather! The temperatures were too warm to ride the alpine the past few days, but the tree riding had its fair share of gems! Huge group of Swiss guests that made my stomach hurt from laughing so much and an awesome corporate group of great guys from Manitoba who got “Stuck of the year” so far!! haha!!

Well done everyone!

Hope to see you all again soon!

Crazy days ahead with SNOW SNOW SNOW in the forecast for next week!

I love the sun, but I love the snow even more this time of year!


Check out our facebook page “Golden Snowmobile Rentals” for photos!!

January 18, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Snow snow snow is in the forecast, but that doesn’t come without it’s own set of hazards. We have had a nice high pressure over the holiday season that lead to surface faceting and now with a bunch of new snow we are looking at increased risk of avalanches. We will no doubt have our first real avalanche cycle of the season so play smart out there! With all this new snow we should have some great tree riding! Just because it was “good to go” a week ago doesn’t mean it is this week!

Play safe, have fun!!

If you are questioning your decision making process in the backcountry hire a guide and ask lots of questions! They are great resources!

January 08, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

Unreal crazy Holiday season here at GSR, but our season has really only begun!! We’ve had a beautiful high pressure weather system hanging around here over the Holiday season, but the Holidays are OVER, and the snow is on it’s way! BIG low pressure rolling in this weekend!! Hopefully we get the infamous “RESET” of snow and we’ll all be smiling for the New Year.

Loving life in the mountains!! What a season so far!!

January 02, 2013 READ MORE READ LESS

What an amazing winter we have had so far here in Golden, BC with so much early season snow and a great snow fall just before the holiday season!! With sun in the forecast for the next few days people are LOVING the snow quality and sun combination!! The new M8s are running strong and we’ve had great feedback on the ride they provide! Our ETECs are going strong and our brand new Nytro just added to the fleet had it’s first few days on snow this week! Customers can not believe how smooth and cushy the fourstroke ride really is! Music to my ears!

Take care, ride safe, and have a great holiday season!

We have limited spaces left, but if you are in need of a machine, or avalanche equipment please give us a call at 250-344-6100!


December 27, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Great last few days on snow with some great clients! Lots of flat landers around this week and the snow has not disappointed! Trails have been good, snow has been good, a fresh load of wood at Quartz Cabin to help keep us warm showed up, and we even had some sun! Check out the new photos on Facebook:

December 13, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

With all three Golden zones now being groomed the gates are open for multi-day exploring! Try Quartz and Silent pass for your first rides of the year! Or maybe you’ve been out a few times already and want to step it up? Gorman has bigger terrain that is more challenging to negotiate but does require better decision making abilities when negotiating avalanche terrain.

Be sure and book your xmas holidays asap! We do have bookings throughout the holidays, but we have sleds left as of this afternoon! We have been booked solid for seven years in a row so the chances of being luck for a last minute rental are slim huh.gif

Snow conditions have been amazing lately with the bowls filling up and the stability has been surprisingly good for this early in the season! I hope the trend continues!! Snow is in the forecast for the next 7 days!! YEEHAAA

Bring on the snow!

December 09, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Over a 100 sledders per day at Quartz Creek last weekend and with multiple rentals machines on snow and more fresh rentals being built this week! It’s been one impressive season so far and we look forward to seeing you all soon! Height of snow in Quartz = 1.4 meters!!

November 26, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Crazy days around Golden this past week as the overwhelming desire to shred sleds has developed! Snow has been great so far and the rock coverage is surprisingly good for this time of year!! Keep in mind this is most certainly November (NOT December) and there is thin snowpack, however recent temperatures have developed a very supportive base, and is proving to be a great early snowmobile season.

See you all soon! If you are weekend renters try and book as far in advance as possible! Loving winter already!

😀 😀



November 16, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

It was awesome to get out, but it’s still a little thin to start rentals and tours yet. Depending on snow we will start renting the first week of December!!

Check out the action from Sunday, November 11th, 2012:

November 13, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

It snowed 20cm today near Quartz Creek Cabin! It’s happing out there guys! We are getting awfully close to our first ride of the year!! I CAN’T


Get to ride some new kitties (M800s) and see how the trail is developing!

I’ll post photos on our Facebook page!!


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

November 06, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

We are so close to getting our first days on snow and we are PUMPED on our new sleds and gear! With bunch of fresh M8s along with our current Etecs, Nytros and SnoPros from last season we are well set up for this up coming season! The snow is falling up high and the snow line will start falling in the next few weeks! We love sledding as much as anyone and sharing it with you guys is what we do!

Can’t wait for winter pow days!!

See you all soon enough!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

November 02, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Is winter just around the corner? Looks like it might be getting close with a fair amount of precipitation in the forecast and cooler temperatures on the way! Lets keep those fingers crossed for an early and LONG winter!!

I LOVE this time of year! The anticipation is like a drug!


October 16, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

We’ve just built up a few new 2013 Arctic Cat M800 SnoPro 153″ sleds this week and put some fresh new graphics on them to make them our own courtesy of LimeNine Designs out of Kelowna! Thanks guys!!!

That will round our fleet out with some Etecs, 2012 and 2013 M800s, and two Yamaha Nytros for you fourstroke customers! Bring on the snow!!

October 06, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Well the 2012 season is over! The sleds will be put to rest (ie. summarized) this week and put into storage. If anyone is interested we have three machines forsale. Two 2012 Arctic Cat SnoPro M8s 162 for 8000 each and a 2011 Skidoo Etec for 7000. All machines have between 4-6000km and are in good shape!

Have a great summer! If you are passing through Golden stop by the shop we’re around Tuesday-Saturday 10-6pm.


April 27, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Winter is still in full swing around here as the rentals and tours continue to head out on snow! Our parking lots are now melted to dirt however our trails are not!! Quartz, Gorman, and Silent are still in full swing, with general traffic slowing down.

If you are looking for over handle bar snow you are probably not going to find it, however it is great terrain travel conditions if the weather permits!

If you are thinking of visiting we’ll see you soon! If not we’ll see you all next winter!

April 19, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Unreal season this year, but as the rentals begin to slow down the opportunity for scenic riding is still there! Although the blower pow has slowed down, the fresh resets up high have not! The riding is all time out here right now and the views with the clear skies are unreal!

What a season! Thanks guys!

April 09, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Spring has sprung here in Golden, but don’t forget we have elevation on our side! The valley bottoms are melting like crazy, but the Alpine is still getting dumped on! The shaded slopes are still yielding some dry powder all day long and with this system moving in the end of this week it should reset our beautiful alpine environment!

This is the time of year that the bulk of the traffic slows down so the fresh untracked snow lasts longer!

Bring on the snow! 😀 😀 😀 😀

March 26, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Thank you!! Everyone who checks out we’d like to send out a BIG thank you for being one of 4500 unique visitors to our site this season!! We have had an amazing winter with many many happy faces! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Believe it or not we have already started some prep for our 2013 winter even though we have over a month to go this year!

With more spring checks in place for 2013 more Arctic Cats will be added to our fleet out of demand from our guests. They were a HUGE hit this year as we have already racked up over 5000km on one and 3000km on the other. Next year we’ll be adding a few more M800s to the fleet!

Thanks again for the support and the opportunity to be involved in your vacations!

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Aaron and Kim

March 11, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

This last system really left us speechless dropping yet another few feet of snow. If you have been reading my posts this year you’ll probably see a trend of some serious dumps of that white stuff!! I rode yesterday in handle bar deep powder and was one of my best days of the year! This sport never gets old and having snow curl over your shoulders is something dreams are made of! The avalanche conditions should start to settle out here in the next few days!

Make use of our guides this week as they can find you pow and help keep you out of harms way!

What a season!!

March 06, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Thanks for everyone who came out for the Alberta long weekend. We got a mix of snow and sunshine and everyone had some FUN!!! The ride with Chris Brown clinic was great, thanks Chris for coming out and giving us some riding tips. The next Chris Brown clinic will be in Golden the weekend of March 31st. Phone GSR for details. There is still lots of riding to be done so bring some friends and come have some fun

February 21, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

It’s been a dry few weeks here in Golden, but the sun was beautiful and refreshing! Now back to the darkness which means only one thing… SNOW!! Bring on the snow! 😀 😀 😀

February 19, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

I hope everyone has been enjoying the fresh snow we have been getting in Golden. Now they are calling for sunshine all weekend so we can see our sweet powder runs. Bring your friends out and we can set everyone up with rental sleds and gear to enjoy the snow. Come try out the new 2012 Arctic Cat M8 SnowPro

January 31, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Well just in case you haven’t had enough winter, mother nature has just brought us another huge snowfall last night with no sign of it slowing down. Please check the CAA Avalanche bulletin for your area before heading out.

January 29, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

We are looking forward to warmer temperatures and more snow this weekend. It has been a great early season and we hope everyone gets time to come on out and enjoy the winter. Avalanche Awareness days are happening this weekend in many communities. Hangfire Avalanche Training is doing an AST1 course in Golden and we will be having sales on Avalanche Gear.

January 19, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

As the snow continues to fall here in Golden, we have had happy customers coming back on a daily basis telling us how amazing their trips have been! This is a tourism business owners dream! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has rented and toured with us in the past couple of weeks!! We appreciate your business and great word of mouth!

Hope to see you all here in Golden again soon!

Check our facebook page for regular updates on conditions and stories!

January 08, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Wow what a holiday season here at GSR! Things went very smoothly this year (we must have been doing this awhile now… ha)! With snow arriving daily it was hard to be this holiday! Trails were groomed, snow fell everyday/night (almost a meter), and wood was burning HOT in the Quartz Creek Cabin!

BIG Thank You goes out to everyone who spent their holiday with us! We appreciate you business, and and look forward to making your next adventure as great as this one!

Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012 can you believe it???

More snow in the forecast!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

January 01, 2012 READ MORE READ LESS

Great snow conditions here for the holidays with a few feet of fresh to make everyone smile! Play safe out there everyone and have a great holiday season!!

Even with 25 beacons in our rental fleet we are still running out on a daily basis so make sure you book in advance!

As for rental machines we have a couple left on the 30th so if you are looking to add snowmobiling to your holiday vacation make sure you phone and book yours today!

Thank you to everyone who has come out and stopped into our shop!

December 27, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Looking at the forecast there is some snow about to fall this weekend. I saw a system rolling in this evening however it hasn’t started yet. I have my fingers crossed! Do you?

If you guys are traveling to the mountains this weekend make sure everyone in your group is wearing avalanche safety equipment (transceiver, probe, shovel).

Have fun this weekend!!

December 08, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Well the snow has stopped for a few days and it’s GAME ON for this weekend. Only a few rentals left in our fleet! Should be amazing conditions out there with absolutely beautiful weather.

Come on out! See what sledding is all about!

Fresh snow, sunshine….. can it get any better?

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

November 30, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

With this system come increases avalanche activity! The CAC has released a bulletin that says HIGH in the alpine, HIGH at tree line and CONSIDERABLE below. What does that mean? It’s means it’s time to play it safe and stick to the riding areas that are right for the conditions! Avoid dangerous terrain as both human triggered and natural avalanches are likely!

This system has produced significant amounts of snow! So far upwards of 30 – 50cm has fallen, but along with it came high winds that has been transporting the snow.

Play smart out there and enjoy the new “reset” snow conditions! 😀

November 22, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Seven day forecast is snow snow snow! What does that mean for GSR?? Rentals have begun! We’ve had multiple sled rentals in the past few weeks along with avalanche safety kits! This time of year we have to ride smart so make sure everyone in your group is riding with the proper gear and knows how to use it! The tree riding has been super fun out here at Quartz Creek and you guys will love to hear that GROOMING starts this

Thursday night! Smooth trails for the weekend!

😉 Have fun out there guys!

November 16, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

And so it begins! There is between 80-100cm in Quartz Creek right now and people are all sledding from the parking lot! Sooo, what does that mean for GSR? It means we are now renting sleds!! We had our first rentals leave this morning! That is crazy! NOV. 11th has got to be one of the earliest rentals we’ve had to date!

Looks like snow in the forecast for the next 7 days! BRING IT ON!!

:O :O 😀 😀 😀 :O :O

November 11, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

If you can hold yourself back from shredding and just want to get out for some early season riding, it’s GAME ON around here!

Been for one ride already and planning on another ride this weekend! Cant wait!

Winter is back! Bring on the snow!!

November 08, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Well we went on our first ride last weekend and although it was a bit thin, it was just what the doctor ordered! I’ve been smiling ever since like this 😀 !! Winter is here everyone, and by the looks of the trends it is here to stay! The forecasters are calling for anther HUGE winter so lets keep our fingers crossed! I know many of you are excited to see snow so here is a link to our video from last weekend!

Watch our first ride!!

November 03, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

A few of my favourite webcams to keep an eye on are Sentry Mountain Lodge, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, and of course Rogers Pass.

The Rogers Pass camera is a great tool for you guys to use when checking out conditions. The parking lot at Quartz is at 4000 feet so if it’s white in Rogers, its white at the parking lot… And my favourite annual test is if there is snow banks in Rogers winter has a GREEN LIGHT!!

See you all soon!!!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Sentry –

Horse –

Rogers –

October 01, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Just mention you found out about the deal on our website and we’ll make sure you get your discount upon booking! This will go for rentals and tour rates and even if it is a single unit booking! We are super excited with all the early bookings this year, lets keep our fingers crossed for an amazing season! 😀 😀 😀

Offer ends Sept. 31st!

September 05, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Hey guys, I’ve noticed some traffic on the site the past few weeks and I thought I’d let you know we got some cool stuff going on this winter at GSR!!

We have a few new machines being added to the fleet! Arctic Cat M8 Proclimbs!! These are some really cool machines that should round out our fleet nicely! Now we’ll have a few Skidoo XPs both Etec and carbureted, along with Arctic Cat Proclimb M8’s and of course our fourstroke YAMAHA Nytros for those looking for a plusher ride!!

We are doing trail and cabin maintenance now and are getting prepped for snow.

Keep an eye out I’ll keep you posted!!

Enjoy the sun!!

August 27, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Well everyone it has been quite a season! We’ve had new technologies added to the fleet (Skidoo E-TEC) and of course the introduction of the Yamaha Nytro (four stroke). Both had amazing feedback and we’ll be doing both types of machines again next season. I want to personally thank each and everyone of you who shared your mountain experience with us this season whether it was through rentals of machines, avalanche equipment or having our service shop help you get on your way!! We greatly appreciate all of your business and look forward to seeing you in the future! 😀

We have a few things up our sleeve for 2012 and getting back in the swing of full time guides is one of our priorities! We will also be expanding our fleet by a few machines to help deal with those high volume times of year!!

Ok that’s it for this season!!! Please send photos of your trips this year! We love getting them!!

Take care and have a GREAT summer!  😎

April 25, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Thanks to everyone who came out for a great season! It was a fantastic snow year. Hopefully the snow will melt and we can start moto season soon. Check out our summer gear at

April 25, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

What an amazing spring we have been having here in Golden, with great snow conditions!! Last weekend brought 30cms of fresh snow with a day of limited visibility and one day of 100% visibility. Both days great snow!

GSR has been off the hook busy with a crazy one last very busy month to go!

If you’ve been thinking Chatter Creek and are sitting on the fence… MAKE IT HAPPEN!! One of the coolest places in BC and what better way to check it out then by sled!

They are offering private guiding as well as accommodation so book it in and give us a call!

Woop woooooop!!! Come on out!!


April 04, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

My gosh, spring has SPRUNG!! This doesn’t mean no snow… It was DEEP up there today with amazing sun, and great coastal temperatures.

Hovering around zero degrees the sun was out and the tree riding was perfect. Stability is great out there right now and there was some great exploring going on! Thanks guys! Loving spring while its here… haha


March 17, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

With 20cm in the past two days and another bunch of snow on its way, we are pumped to say it’s fresh once again!! The word on the street is that it is filling in up there quite nicely! This wind has played some tricks so it might be best to play in the trees for a few days or so! Avalanche bulletin got elevated to HIGH in the alpine today so play safe and enjoy all the fresh!

What a winter!! 😀 😀 😀

March 01, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

It was a crazy busy weekend here in Golden with tons of activities and people! The town did a great job of setting up lots of activities in the down town core with concerts, plays, street parties etc. etc.

Our sled zones were busy busy especially Quartz Creek which I’m told had record numbers for Alberta Family Weekend!! That’s super cool! Thanks guys!

We were booked solid all weekend so a BIG Thank You goes out to each and every one of you that rented safety gear and snow machines from us!

We look forward to seeing you all soon!!

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families who lost this weekend in the tragic events at Hope Creek.

February 21, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

It’s been snowing HARD out there today and it looks like it might not stop!! With snow in the forecast for the next 6 days! It was snowing over 1cm / hour so keep your heads in the game. Play in the trees! Seems like an easy decision because the trees are AMAZING right now!!


February 11, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

We’ve had great conditions lately with a high pressure that was here for a few days! As the next system rolls in we are looking at 4 days straight of snow with the long term forecast showing nothing but SNOW!! For all you snow lovers out there the next few weeks should be amazing! Alberta family week is just around the corner and we are almost booked solid so call and make your reservations as soon as possible.

We still have one 800 left on Sunday the 20th and a few 550 Expeditions left as well. Great two seater machines to enjoy some family time!

Enjoy the snow and see you all soon!

February 10, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

As a high pressure system rolled in early week the snow begun to stabilize and we got to get out and play in some terrain we haven’t entered yet this season. Avoiding any larger slopes we were able to access some amazing areas with the bluest of blue skies!! There is nothing like fresh snow, blue skies, and good friends to have a great snowmobile experience!!

What a week! 😀 😀 😀

February 02, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

We’ve been having a ton of fun over the past few weeks here in Golden, BC. With over a meter of fresh last week we’ve had epic tree riding avoiding any alpine travel at all cost! With avalanche conditions being as touchy as they were being forced to ride trees was a blessing in disguise!! Quartz Creek as been absolutely amazing, and it seems the deeper we go in the trees the better!!

We had renters head down to Silent Pass with the same feedback, telling us it was the best they’ve ridden in years.

I LOVE hearing things like that.

We also just bought two new Skidoo E-Tec machines from Bow Cycle in Calgary!! Thanks GUYS!!!!

Funny start to the season, but man… amazing these days!!

Check out this video from near Silent Pass:

January 26, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

We’ve received over a meter of fresh this past week and the highways are about to reopen! The highways have been deadlocked because of HUGE avalanches this past week in both directions here in Golden. The only way through was to drive HWY 93 and even that had to close for a few days.

It’s crazy out there right now! Tree riding is a must even though the pack seems to be stabilizing slightly. The Canadian Avalanche Center shows a small increase in stability as the temperature dropped for what looks like a few days however don’t take that as a green light! We are going to see some crazy stuff over the next week or so and there is even MORE snow on the way! Be safe, ride low angle slopes with no overhead danger and of course, slay the trees!!

Ride hard, keep it safe, have fun!

If you need avalanche gear, swing by GSR / Mountain Motorsports to rent some!


January 18, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Ok guys, here’s the deal. Highways closed in both directions, snow accumulating like CRAZY, avalanche index at HIGH HIGH HIGH… what is all this mean? CRAZY DEEP TREE RIDING!!! Stay out of the mountains right now, but that doesn’t mean no riding, it just means ride smart!

Naturals are coming down left and right out there.

Ride hard, Ride safe!



January 14, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

We just finished a really good cycle here in Golden, and it looks like there is a big system rolling in!! I spent the past two days punching trail for a research group near one of our popular sledding zones. It took four experienced riders two days to get 11kms. That means it’s DEEP out there!!

There is a reason we happily pay at the trail heads for groomers to plow perfect roads to the alpine!! haha

Enjoy the sun tomorrow, as it might be the last time we see it for a few days… 7 day forecast shows nothing but SNOW after tomorrow!! YEEHAAA! 😮

See you soon!!

January 10, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Big “Thank You” goes out from GSR to all of our renters over the holidays! The weather was almost perfect with 30cms of fresh snow followed by three days of amazing visibility! What started out like a very slow Holiday turned in to absolute chaos haha…

We had great feedback on our new graphic kits provided by LimeNine Designs!

We will also be selling off a few of our 2009 Rental machines soon and updating our fleet!

More updates to come 😉

January 01, 2011 READ MORE READ LESS

Woke up this morning to new snow on the vehicles here in town, and from the sounds of it, a fair amount of new snow in the alpine!!

It’s been a slow start to the season here in BC, but it seems Mother Nature is trying to catch up quick! We’ve been guiding a number of half day tours this week and having a ton of fun! If you’d like to ask some questions about tours, feel free to call us here at the shop at 250-344-6100 and we’ll do our best to make a trip specific to you!

See you all on snow soon!

December 28, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

We’ve had some fresh snow recently and it looks like there should be some sun later this week. As the week wraps up though there is nothing but snow in the forecast!! Lets hope those weather guys are right!!

If you are heading out riding here in Golden for you Holiday, make sure to stop by GSR and pick up some avalanche equipment. Don’t let friends ride without it!

Happy Holidays everyone! We look forward to seeing you this week!

December 22, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I know I’ve had a HUGE smile the past few days and the snow continues to fall here in Golden! None stop snow keep accumulating which means lots of shoveling here at GSR! No complaining here though as I know snow down town means LOTS of snow in the mountains.

With over 30cm in the past few days here up high we’ve had lots of happy customers rolling through. Rocks are getting buried and winter is beginning to feel real comfy!

Look forward to seeing many of you over the Holidays!

See you soon!!

December 12, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

The snow is building and so is the forecast!! The next 5 days looks really good here in Golden with snow every day! Right now we are averaging around a meter in the alpine, which is thin for us here this time of year, but lets keep our fingers crossed for some serious accumulation this week!

I can’t wait! 😀

As Christmas grows closer we’re pumped with all of the pre-booking going on this year! Big thank you to all who have booked already this season we look forward to getting you all on snow!

GSR has a large inventory of rental avalanche equipment so if you have friends visit for X-mas and want to show them our backcountry, make sure they are wearing gear!!

Merry X-mas everyone and happy Holidays! 😛

December 06, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

It’s true it’s been a slow start to the season, but each snowfall brings a little more action to the plate! I love it when the forecast turns to more snow then expected! 😀

We have started taking a fair amount of bookings for winter 2010/11 especially around the holiday season. Thank you to everyone who as pre-booked!

To those who haven’t we have been booked solid every year for the past five seasons, so if you want to try snowmobiling as part of your holidays try and book as soon as possible.

Keep the snow dancing going!!!!

November 30, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

The snow continues to fall here in Golden, BC and the snowmobiles are coming in from all over Western Canada! Town is getting super busy on the weekends and the Trail Grooming is starting! I’d have to say winter is on around here! If you are coming to the mountains and need avalanche equipment stop by our shop and we have a huge rental fleet of avy gear and machines.

Cheers! Welcome WINTER!!

November 26, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

Well our first weekend is under our belts here at Golden Snowmobile Rentals for winter 2010/11 and it was filled with excitement! It started off on Friday in one of our zones called Hope Creek deep in the Rockies. 😉 It’s a long drive, but we were treated to around 120cm of fresh. Day two was at Quartz Creek, just west of Golden with a group of seven! The snow wasn’t quite as deep, but the terrain was setting up for a deep winter! As the system halted, the cold temps rolled in settling the snow pack dramatically. Although it might sound scary for the snowpack to sink it is just the opposite. The base is setting up like concrete here and as the next system rolls in and covers the remaining rocks our winter will be one for the books!! A great base with fresh on top sounds perfect to me!!
Keep those fingers crossed for the next system coming in on Thursday! 😀

November 23, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

Well guys, it would seem winter is here!! It has snowed over 35cms in the past 24 hours with over a 70cm base. These stats are from Kicking Horse

Mountain Resort at an elevation of 6500′. This is roughly the elevation of Quartz Creek Cabin, one of our most used zones. I have two groups heading out this weekend along with a few rentals!

Game on!! Let the snow come down! 😮

Want to get your first ride of the season in? Call us at 250-344-6100 and ask about our early season rates!

November 17, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

After a long wait sight of our first snowfall is finally here. Some funny stories of some brave early season riders and the damages they incurred. But as the snow continues to fall, the rentals season grows closer. If the weather trend continues, we’ll be on snow in the next two weeks. Let the winter begin!!

November 14, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

Well guys the snow has hit, and I’d say it’s here to stay!! At least it is in the alpine! It’s starting to get cold around here with nothing, but a full winter to look forward too. The hype is promising this year as “they” are calling for a cold snowy winter. Cold isn’t my cup of tea really, but SNOW IS!! One extra layer of clothing, and deep, deep snow sounds like the perfect recipe for winter. Look forward to seeing you all soon. We’ll be at the Edmonton show at both the booth, as well as Tourism Golden booth. See you there!



October 15, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

Over the past week the temps have risen and the snow has dropped… literally. So much of our paths have come down lately in the afternoons so keep your heads up out there! Dropped my probe in the snow a few days ago and we still have 180cm of base out there. CRAZY!!! We might just have that late spring after all. Game on!

March 23, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

Our guides have been on a full-on mission of seek and explore this past week accessing some of the far reaches of our tenure! We’ve seen a few zones lately we normally don’t see until late April. It isn’t our deepest winter in history, but we’ve had great weather and super fun guests! Thank you to all groups who have ridden with us lately! See you all again soon!

March 02, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

It has been beautiful out here the past few weeks with nothing but SUN! We are accessing some of our “spring only” zones and enjoying every minute of it! I’m sure we are just about to get pounded with snow and we’ll be back to our winter areas for another month or so but it sure is nice right now. Come on out and try our new Yamaha Nytro 4 stroke rental sled! People are loving it!

February 20, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

It has been absolutely amazing up in the alpine this week. We’ve had a massive valley cloud hanging around that is making the town grim, but up high above 6500′ it is sunny with 100% visibility!! If you are new to sledding this is a perfect time to come out and see what riding above the clouds is all about!! For those who have done it many times before, keep those fingers crossed for some fresh!

February 08, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS

This Friday night we are having a customer appreciation BBQ at the shop! Stop by for burgers and pops, and see what we’re up to! We have a few machines that are “must sees”! Propane Nytros, crazy hopped up gassers, among others! Gotta come by and check these things out!

February 04, 2010 READ MORE READ LESS