Skill Level Never Snowmobiled Before
> Expert
Age 19 years and above
Time Total Experience: 8 hours
Price $499 per person plus fuel
(mountain sleds do not have passenger seats)


Snowmobile Mountain Tour

New to snowmobiling or simply want to see what the mountain snowmobiling experience is all about?

This is an introduction to mountain snowmobiling in the Purcell Mountain and Rocky Mountain ranges on brand new snowmobiles.

We primarily head west to Quartz Creek for this tour, but can mix it up especially if you are looking for a multi day adventure.

The terrain is very beginner friendly with little avalanche exposure, however if you are looking for something to test your skills Quartz Creek will provide!

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of our highly skilled guides to provide riding pointers, techniques, and tricks that can help save time and energy.  Oh and maybe help get you unstuck a few times!

What Can You Expect
  • Meet at Snowpeak Rentals shop at 9:00 to sign waivers and fill out required paper work.
  • Get fitted for riding gear if needed (jacket, pants, helmet, goggles, gloves, boots etc.)
  • Sign out avalanche equipment (beacon, probe, shovel, backpack (or airbag if interested)
  • Drive personal vehicles to predetermine trail head.
  • Pre-ride speeches, safety protocols, weather analysis, avalanche forecast
  • Trail ride to desired riding location.
  • Guide will designate specific riding areas and set you free!
  • As the guide’s confidence grows in your ability and awareness, the options for exploration expand!!
  • Depending on weather most days we leave the riding area by 3:30 and head back to the parking lots by 4:00pm.
  • Guests can either return their riding gear to the guide in the parking lot, or bring it back to the Snowpeak Rentals shop to get changed.
What Do You Need

You need to wear warm clothes (ski clothing is great), long underwear and hat (for when we stop).

Please bring your own snacks, water and lunch.

Please bring $25 for trail fees (can be paid by cash, debit or credit card) at the trail head

Any medical requirements, medications, puffers, epi pens, etc. 

PLEASE inform Snowpeak Rentals of any medical conditions and medications prior to departure.

What Is Provided

We provide the following:

  • Guide
  • Snowmobile
  • Snowmobile Delivery
  • Smiles