Blue skies sledding in Quartz Creek, Golden BCwww.snowpeakrentals.comAnother "secret area" at Quartz Creekwww.snowpeakrentals.comFranken sled saw comes in handyBit of wood to b chopped down in quartz....Flying in sled to quartz cabin. (We do sled recovery)Sled recovery by www.snowpeakrentals.comJumping by "no telly" creekNice day for a wee bit of airQuartz creek... area 50 somethingSunshine and good times. Gerald hits a little lip at quartz.Climbing out of deep valley on a 155" Polariswww.snowpeakrentals.comBo Jangles in his daisy dukesBo takes a quick boot at the quartz cabin. He had sore ribs for a couple days after...... but well worth it!Calgary Flames come sledding!!Flames alumni come sledding for the day.What our Spanish guests have to say about SnowPeak Rentals in Golden BCwww.snowpeakrentals.comThe Wiser Team visiting Golden The Wiser team visiting Golden for the 9th year in a row and still lovin' it!!! Always having a good time, check out their adventures with SnowPeak Rentals here!Jack + Jill + the BCA Avalanche FLOAT Jack and Jill from Gatineau demonstrating the power of the BCA Avalanche FLOAT AirBag for snowmobiling in Golden. These guys have been coming out here for 9 years straight ...The climb snowmobile Thanks for the awesome day guys! Video by Izzy Palumbo.Golden BCFirst tracks into Silver Mines this week! - March 18, 2015Quartz Creek Mar. 16, 2015This video is about Quartz Creek Mar. 16, 2015SnowPeak Rentals - Big Snow and Great TerrainThis video is about SnowPeak Rentals- Big Snow and Great TerrainSki Doo 174" T3's CAN get stuck occasionally!Jack and Chris and Christian from Quebec have a little fun in the huge pow at Silent.Silver Mines just after 100Hp hillThe main crossover to valley #2.Jack and Jill went up the hill......Silent Pass. Easy to get to with a nice pay day at the end. We can get you here, I promise!!!! Perfect video of the backside of Silent.Quebec Boys Hit Silent PassJack And Chris from Quebec give us a little French lesson while "Frenchie #3" checks out his jacket zipper in the background. My first full French language review!!! I hope it's good!Fresh Pocket of Powder in Quartz Creek Golden BCFrenchie looks for his side panel after chopper had to fly him out a couple days ago!!Sunny at No-Telly Creek in Golden BCFun and sun with good sledding and close friends. Flat landers get a quick geography lesson by snowmobile. Yee haw.John Lloyd and Crew Show Us the Infamous TripleAt the Grizzly crossover when this happens......Walter The Pee Wee Coach Tries Out New CatUp in Quartz Creek for a bit of fun.Chopper time at quartz!!Watch how Brett from Manitoba like to spend his free time. A bit expensive...... But well worth it!!!Gary pulls rip cord on air bagWatch the BCA float 22 "pop" with low psi. Always make sure your bottle is full!!Checking Out Conditions in Quartz Creek, Golden BCEarly season lots of fun in cabin valley. Brand new guys loving it!!Feeling a bit "tipsy" on the trail... LOL!!Check out the trail mishap on the way to silent pass.Silver mines and SwedenFeb 26, 2014 in silver mines. Valley #2. Fresh tracks & huge pow.Silver mines feb 26,14Sweden makes off the lake to the "big valley". Daniel Eld and crew tear it up in silver mines.Old man huge pow feb 27, 14Sweden in town for a big run. Huge powder and huge fun in old man. Fluffy loses his brand new I phone. Kinda bad luck....Hobo with the "fab 5"Check out the tower at hobo. Nice day, nice snow, everybody's nice.......Don puts her upside down!!!Don gives beginners a few important tips. Huge fun in quartz!!March 29,14 in old manCrazy nice snow in old man. We r running until May 1 again this year. Get out here!!!!March 28 in quartzSuper good conditions now!!! Watch some powder fly!!!!Quartz creek 360 view from "top off the world"See the whole quartz creek "secret" area clear in this video!!Silver mines funny Italian videoWatch Lonnie "wiggle" a bit about being stuck!!!Jan 24 - Germany with the famous "take 2!!!"Nice day in quartz.Jan 24 Germany on tourU kidding....? Now this is blue bird!!!!!Jan 15 "checking the track for missing lugs"Listen to Marek and learn how Poland checks for missing lugs.Jan 15 - back side of silent passJoin the polish boys for a bit o pow.Gorman #2 jan5,13 view from Gorman/Lang crossoverThe perfect view from the Gorman/Lang saddle. If u are going here..... Check this out!! Also shows you the connector to Cirque Creek.Ice fishing #2Hannah explains silent pass and Camille does a little jig. December 27, 2013.Gorman jan 3 2014 with "uncle joe"Getting ready to go on perfectly groomed trail up to Gorman lake.One dead soldier in silent passJan 3, 2014 David from "Alberta" has a little trouble in the meadow at silent pass. John Lloyd and the "kids" are in town to raise a little Havoc.Mount 7 tour December 28, 2013Check out the view from the hang gliders launch!!! Nice day and good snow.Ice fishing with Uncle SamDecember 27, 2013 ice fishing at silent lake. Joel came along and the Bradley family from Cutbank Montana were in town to enjoy the festivities. Fun was has by all.U gotta see this. Dec 7, 13Crazy day at quartz. Bit cold on ride up (-31), but super nice up top!!!!Spain lands at Quartz Creek!! Dec 7, 13The Spanish fellas ripped up quartz today. Another really fun group from Paso Norte. Thanks Julian & c u again soon!!!Dec 2, 2013 at quartzFirst day of tours and rentals. Fun times... Snow is pretty good!!!April 26, 13 tour on gravel!Sled tour with a bit of gravel......!!!Dave "Lanky" gets to ride the big unit!!!Dave wanted a little more hp than his friends. We pulled out the big unit for the day!!!April 5, 13 bottom of area 52The guys have a wee bit of lunch in the bowels of area 52April 6, 13 at quartzA lovely time at quartz creek. Good snow now...... Get out here!!! Helicopter ski area opens tmrw!! Don't miss it.April 5, 13 - Brent Phifer aka "sugar" in the weedsListen to every excuse in the book..... Well almost every one!!!April 5, 13 that's fresh water!!!Up at quartz ..... A bit thirsty!!!March 31, 2013 big pulls in fresh snow at GrizzlyMorley and the boys ride some big hills in Grizzly. A bit sun burnt, but a really good day!!!March 31, 2013 Morley and the boys conquer GormanMorley Nichol, Chris Nichol, and Dillon Sietzema chew up Gorman, Lang, Cirque, Quartz lake, and Grizzly. Fun was had by all!!!!The "Alabaster" unwinds after Snowpeak snowmobile tourAlabaster Sings a cool song after tough day at silent pass. He is actually a really good singer!!! He tried out for American idolFlatlander hits "small" hole at Silent PassSaskatchewan boys mix it up in Silent....... pretty funny video!!!Cliff bar commercial by Snowpeak rentalsEver had a cliff bar at 7,500 ft........ C what happens!!!March 29, 2013 sled tourHaving fun in the bright sunshineRocky mountain sled tourCome & visit Snowpeak Rentals for a great snowmobile tour!!!March 27, 13. ATV with tracks!!!ATV climbs hill at quartz with track kit.Snowpeak tour March 22, 2013Tour at quartz with Austrian chicks!!March 9, 2013 quartz tourLogan gets a wee bit stuck.... Ha ha!March 13, 2013 Quartz creek1 ft. of fresh and snowing hard. Coming down there was snow until the 10k. road (grizzly). Rain after that. Should be snow all the way ti parking lot by night fall.Swiss boys hit a little "hole"!!!!! at Quartzwww.snowpeakrentals.comSnowpeak tour March 10, 2013Gorman lake cut blocks. Out of the fog and into the sun!!!March 7, 2013Milt and Butz in a bit of a pickle!!!March 9, 2013Tour at 51 & 52Snowpeak - March 5, 2013A bit stuck!!!!!Snowpeak - March 5, 2013Blaeberry valley. 3 ft of fresh!!!Snowpeak tour March 3, 2013The big new 800's....... Ready to do battle!!!Quartz creek march 2/13.Simone D'Angelo has a little trouble with a lonely tree!!!Quartz creek march 2, 2013Simone upside down AGAIN by the Saddle.Snowpeak rentals moon boots tourU love moon boots? Gotta watch this video. Snowpeak rentals 1-888-512-4222SNOWPEAK sled tour dec, 2013We can even bring out the chillins!!!! Lots of fun on the mini z. Call to book the perfect family fun day!! 1-888-512-4222 Golden, BC CanadaSnowpeak Rentals Sledding in holt creek Jan,2013SNOWPEAK rentals. A favourite spot!!! Holt creek is fun!!! 1-888-512-4222 1-250-344-8385Snowpeak Rentals Sledding at Gorman Jan 13SNOWPEAK can get u here!!! 1-888-512-4222 or 1-250-344-8385Snowpeak Rentals, BAPP. Balance, angles, power, positioningRiding tips. More to come later....!!!Snowpeak Rentals Jan 13/13 quartz creek snowmobile tourSuper sunny daySnowpeak Rentals Jan 19/13 tour at silent passSNOWPEAK sled tour Jan 19/13SnowPeak Rentals Feb 7 snowmobile tourSNOWPEAK sled tour feb 7/13Snow Peak Rentals - Meet the owner!Mike at Snow Peak Rentals in Golden BCSnowpeak Rentals & Tours - Snowmobiling in Golden 1888.512.4222